April 2014, Shanghai


He need no introduction. He is well-known by every Chinese, every artist and every profound thinker. Ai Wei Wei is a fighter for freedom. Freedom of word, freedom of thought. Campaigner against authorities. It isn't necessary to speak about his achievements in the artistic world. His conceptual pieces of art save explanations. Such people are dead dogs for the authorities, but they are crucial for a nation. Such humans as Wei Wei bring truth for people, they cut the truth up in the little pieces for people to eat, and they give the truth in the raw without decoration. Such humans as Ai risk their life for that they believe. According to the Ai's words most of pieces of art are given birth by life itself. We remark only one thing: we should listen to and admire at with a great attention. We should get to the bottom of situation and shouldn’t take a word flowing from central channels’ news. Ai Wei Wei is so-called brand for freethinkers. The brand which isn’t sold.