May 2015, Ekaterinburg


There are questions which are better not to ask, but this is not the point. What are you gonna do if war begins? As long as this question asked, any person can have any number of answers, but in a situation where the same question is repeated in the circumstances of life, there will be no opportunity to choose. The concept of "patriotism" will stand on the feeling of fear only until such time as the war may be held within the framework of a television picture, and measure the loss of time watching films about the war, and the money spent on movie tickets. War, destroying other people's worlds, allow death to be a philosophical category, but close to the actual place of philosophy of death remains. The realities of the present day are given to understand that the level of external threat depends on the level of threat to internal. Today, only the state, which does not destroy itself from within, can hope that it will not destroy the outside. It was then part of the television picture are those who more recently put the concept of "patriotism" of the feeling of fear. Fear for themselves and their families. Therefore, in order not to be in someone else's war tomorrow, today we should answer the question: "What are you gonna do if war begins?"