July 2014, National Center for Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg


As long as we see the world as a bird, it will remain in a cage.

The elements of the installation shown in their physical evidence are deliberately brutal, the materials used are physiologically unpleasant, and the living creature in the exhibition space raises the question of the humanity of everything that happens.

The dove is a symbol of peace, but not in opposition to war, but as a synonym for nature, the place of our common dwelling, has become the basis of Part No. 2. The products of his life, formed into a symbol of the movement for nuclear disarmament, are the basis of Part No. 1. The resulting installation is a collision of all these symbols, interpretations and objects that generate them. This is a conflict at all levels without a visible possibility of resolution. Forever frozen in the air pathos seventh chord, frozen increased second. But there is a way to open it. Perhaps even one of the spectators of the exhibition will be able to find it.