September 2020, Perm


The idea that we and our relatives shall die, and we shall simply go in to oblivion are so terrible that we can believe in all that give us the hope for existence of otherworldly worlds. Living life, we are witnessing and participants different events: good or bad, sudden or long-lasting, spiritual or pathetic. But all of there are parts of our experience. We save the base and believe that “Me” is “Me”. We believe that real and made up. And the most important we believe that important and not important, in our opinion. Which have led and continue leading to awful things. Mystic has been in trouble with people in all times. It pushed for learning of unexplained phenomena. With every step forward we evolved and understood nature of a lot of things. But we aren’t any closer to understanding question what happens when we die. Contemporary science gives us a clear answer that all is energy and it is never lost. Energy remains in the form of the different information everywhere. We don’t think that these allegations are proof of life after death. We are interesting in whole awareness first and foremost and experience that we have had in a lifetime. We are grasping at this experience as if drowning onto a life raft. We don’t care the fact that probably it don’t need or rather our life experience will be useless there. On the other side, we can accept the fact it doesn’t life after the death: there’s nothing, the lights went out and that’s all. It’s the end. We propose the third option – let’s try to understand life itself is no. Life does not exist without death. Let’s think! Life wouldn’t exist if death wouldn’t exist too. Life and Death are equal in their manifestations and we afraid to live point of death.