May 2015, Sochi


 Soviet propaganda has created around Stalin a semi-divine aura of infallible 'great leader and teacher. " The image of Stalin was constantly present in the Soviet paintings and sculpture. Later, was widespread the expression "personality cult of Stalin." For many years as a Soviet radio call were used the first chords of the song "Broad is my native land," which sounded with the words " we write Stalin's All People's Law with golden letters." On the eve of the 70th anniversary ofthe Great Victory over Nazi Germany occurred update the theme „Stalin“ , whose image is really inscribed in the world’s history. The only question is, in what letters? With the name of Stalin directly connected the Great Victory and the horrors of the 1937 th year, so the best paint to picture "Great Leader" seems not the color of blood but the bullet holes. Great tyrant or a great winner? It does not matter. It's not the piont of interpretations and not the point of optics. The point is combined of interpretations and optics when you look at the very one person. Even the return of the Kuril Islands to Russia (Soviet)is not all perceived unambiguously. On one hand, it is the triumph of justice, and a show of force, but on the other - a violation of international norms and laws. Steel and Stalin. To penetrate the way by force and penetrating power of bullets. All this is a part of the concept of this work, which, by interacting with historical science, gives a vivid portrait of the controversial figure. The Installation shows his appearance not in the context of specific events, but across the board history of hie rule.