April 2020, Kamensk-Uralsky


The word “spirit” has such an ambiguous and mystical aura that it becomes obvious:  the core of this word plays a key role in human life. Some interpretations call spirit a property of human consciousness, a product of thinking and a synonym for conscious will, while others call it a supernatural elemental force that does not depend on human consciousness and at the same time affects it.

                                                 TODAY MY SPIRIT DECIDED TO COMMIT SUICIDE... THEN CHANGED HIS MIND

“Three planes” is the reflection on the role of the spirit in situations of fundamental choice. Having lost his spirit, a person can ‘cross out the line of his life’, but he can also ‘restore’ this line if he can perk up his spirit. So who decides how to manage life: our Self or Spirit? And what is the Spirit - the contents of the physical body that dies with it? Or our body and consciousness are just  toys of the eternal Spirit, and all the variabilities of life that we perceive as reality are just a scenario of its endless play? Or do you need to go beyond this two-dimensional coordinate system to find the true answer?