November 2022, Ekaterinburg. Collaboration with Roma Ink


Well, Hare, well, hello! I'm doing fine, but I still can't get used to this uniform, so I don't wear it, except a helmet. There's nowhere here without a helmet, everyone should have one, and best of all it is not punctured by anything: neither facts, nor logic, nor common sense - Hare, can you hear me...?
The guys here are good, sympathetic, but sometimes it can be so creepy, Hare, that even the 14 issue I no longer have nightmares, and you probably remember that I chickened out then. I don't know what would have happened to me if it weren't for you. As you know, there's a lot of nerve in this place, so I'll take the cigarettes. I'll need 200 packs, I think there'll be enough for everyone, and I'll stop shooting at the same time. Well, Hare, I'm counting on you again. I'd be glad to go myself, but I'm afraid it'll be even worse than when we were banned, you remember...
I'm waiting for an answer, your Wolf.

P.S. Often I hear in the wake, they say, man to man - the wolf! And I go and think ...