March 2017, Triennial of Russian contemporary art, Museum of Contemporary Art


Photo: Yegor Slizyak

The piece of art is an interactive projection which has been created on the base of popular soviet electronic game having the same name. Putting cultural and philosophy sense of the definition “game” aside we underline communicative opportunities of a game. True bond of generations is achieved with the simplest and clear things, for example with an electronic game. The ascent into the soviet past isn’t accident; the reason of it is keen interest in Soviet Union of many generations some of which has been born after the fall of the USSR. The aim of our variation of the game “Ну, погоди”, as the original one which further has been named “Electronica IM-02”, is game itself: catching eggs for catching eggs. This idea is similar to the main idea of bombers – process for process. The catching object is bombing spray paints. The way of the game is the same as “Ну, погоди”, but context and manner of actors has been changed.