September 2017, Perm, Egoshikhinsky cemetery


The object "Heart-to-heart talks" is located at the Egoshihinsky cemetery in the city of Perm, next to the Novokladbishensky church near the grave of the daughter of the Permian police chief, Develly, "6 years 11 months old", who died in January 1807. The singularity of the gravestone gave birth to many legends, most of which are based on rumors and speculation. Only the injustice of early death remains valid.

 Taisia ​​and ArTanya are girls, whose lives are wrapped in legends, and all because each of them had a secret. Before, strangers, now they sit and talk about what happened or could be.


P.S.ArtTanya is a character who wanders through the meaning field of the “ZlyE” art group and appears in the works as a marker of society's pain points, exposing its problems and traumas. It is a collective image; a pain-girl, an emptiness-girl, a mirror-girl, who naively and shamelessly confronts the viewer with the imperfection of the world.