May 2017, Chelyabinsk


The aim of the project “Freedom in captivity” is to specify such basic definitions as “freedom”, “will”, “frames'' which are often considered by street artists. Work on this project consists of two stages and its result is going to exist both outdoors and indoor in the exhibition space. The first stage is emancipation of the spirit. This action is realized outdoors, considered as the ultimate free artistic area. Artists notch out silhouettes of birds with unfolded wings on the previously painted covered space of a fence. Notching a hole in the fence, i.e. violation of physical boundarie, is a metaphor of emancipation of a spirit which is ready to move on which is framed as a bird. Notched colorful birds are transferred to the gallery space on the second stage. Formerly independent and turbulent, embodying unlimited freedom, the birds lose their inborn traits, but becoming an element of the art-market. They found a new space and a new life.