December 2017, Ekaterinburg-St. Petersburg


In the project “Freedom of the will” the basic and the most popular in the street art terms are fond their explanation. The terms are freedom, willness, street.

The project has to be realized in two stages and exists in parallel in the street and in the exhibition space. The first step is the step of spirit release. The act is happening at the street, which is understood as the parallel artistic space. The fence which is painted before is cut in the shape of punks. These images demonstrate different emotional status: the scream and hatred, love, laughter and so on. The holes which are cut in the fence and destroy the solidity of physical border is the metaphors of released spirit. In this case we are giving freedom to the inner rebel in the shape of punk who stay himself in the feelings and freedom in any circumstances. The street fence symbolizes the place of the author spirit establishment without any demands coming from institution or professional society.

On the second stage colored shapes of punks appear in the gallery space and start being a part of the exhibition. Therefore, the space of the gallery is the antitheses to the air of the streets.